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TECedge Team and Collegues to Present "21st Century Learning Skills + Rigorous Expectations = Success" at Colorado Association of School Executives Conference

June 26, 2008 --

Cambridge, MA — TECedge team members Sandy Patton and John Kerr and their colleagues from Mitchell High School in Colorado Springs, CO-Principal Larry Cutter, Assistant Principal Paul Heesaker, and Library Technology Educator Ruth Wolf-will be delivering a talk entitled "21st Century Learning Skills + Rigorous Expectations = Success " at the 39th Annual CASE (Colorado Association of School Executives) Convention to be held in Breckenridge, CO on July 24, 2008.

Click on 21st Century Learning Skills + Rigorous Expectations = Success to view their PowerPoint presentation.

The team will describe how Colorado Springs School District 11 (CSSD11) is addressing the challenge facing every school district to prepare effective 21st century citizens for the demands of a highly competitive and rapidly changing workplace.

District/school leaders will learn how CSSD11 has created the Mitchell Millennium Academy where freshman learn 21st century skills in a technology-rich, professional learning environment using a rigorous problem-based core curriculum. Student learning is measured by analyzing student work and assessments.

TECedge, The Education Connection, is a SOMBA certified education technology consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our experienced practitioners work with educational organizations nationwide-preK-12, higher education, and libraries-to plan, implement, and evaluate cost-effective solutions to support and enhance lifelong learning.

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