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Massachusetts Department of Education Awards TECedge Contract to Evaluate Data Warehouse Grant Recipients

September 28 , 2007 --

Malden, MA — The Massachusetts Department of Education has awarded TECedge its competitively bid contract to evaluate the state’s data warehouse technology grant recipients. The overarching, long-term goal of the data warehouse is to grant Massachusetts educators access to the educational information they need to improve student outcomes.

The purpose of this two-year evaluation study is to identify the most successful conditions and deployment strategies for rolling out the data warehouse to all Massachusetts school districts. TECedge has been working closely with the DOE’s data warehouse team as well as the nine grant recipients: Boston, Gill-Montague, Haverhill, Holyoke, Pittsfield, Springfield, Winchendon, Wareham, and Worcester.

TECedge, The Education Connection, is a SOMBA certified education technology consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our experienced practitioners work with educational organizations nationwide—K-12, higher education, and public libraries—to plan, implement, and evaluate cost-effective solutions to support and enhance lifelong learning.

For this project, we have assembled a team with expertise in formative and summative evaluation studies, data warehousing and decision support, student achievement and instructional data, and project management. Team members include TECedge’s two principals, Marcia Kaplan as the project manager and educational data expert and Steve Kelley as the data warehouse and decision support expert. We are joined by Dr. Diane Schilder, our lead evaluator, who has extensive experience conducting evaluation studies at the district-, state-, and federal-level.

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