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Stephen Kelley Named to Massachusetts Education Technology Advisory Committee

August 27 , 2007 --

Malden, MA — The Massachusetts Department of Education has recommended Stephen Kelley, a senior member at TECedge, to the Board of Education for membership on the Massachusetts Educational Technology Advisory Council (ETAC). 

As described on the ETAC website, the advisory council advises the Board of Education and the Commissioner in three broad areas:

  • development of policies guiding the use of information technology and educational support in the schools of the Commonwealth;
  • identification of current and emerging issues involving technology, together with the concerns of educators, employers, higher education institutions and others; and the development of policies to address such issues; and
  • management and oversight policies for the Department's educational technology programs.

Further, the advisory council advises the Board and the Commissioner on policies affecting educational technology in such areas as teacher preparation, certification and licensure; curricular standards and guidelines; and funding and incentive programs for school districts, including but not limited to:

  • Implementation and assessment of the Department's technology program;
  • Implementation and assessment of MassONE;
  • Implementation and assessment of the statewide professional development plan with regard to the use of technology in instruction;
  • Implementation and assessment of programs addressing accessibility and the digital divide; and
  • The Department's capacity to address technological issues.

TECedge, an education technology consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, works exclusively with educational organizations nationwide—K-12, higher education, and public libraries—to implement cost-effective technology solutions to support and enhance learning.

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