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TECedge and Partner to Facilitate Technology Master Planning for Itasca Area Schools Collaborative

January 02, 2007 --

Itasca County, MN -TECedge and its partner Elert & Associates will facilitate a joint "Technology Master Planning" initiative with the Itasca Area Schools Collaborative (IASC). The collaborative is comprised of seven rural school districts and a community college in northern Minnesota whose mission is to "provide an opportunity for two or more districts to most efficiently use their resources for effectively educating all students throughout the region." The team will assist IASC in the development of a master technology plan for the collaborative by examining common needs and opportunities for sharing resources, reviewing technology best practices, and conducting planning workshops. The plan will be both strategic and tactical in its approach to maximizing and leveraging technology resources among the eight collaborative members to improve teaching, learning, and management.

TECedge, an education technology consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, works exclusively with educational organizations nationwide—K-12, higher education, and public libraries—to plan and implement cost-effective solutions to support and enhance lifelong learning. Our practice areas cover the full spectrum of planning and technology in support education.

Elert & Associates is providing the local project manager. TECedge is staffing the project with a team of experienced practitioners in both education and technology. TECedge's team includes its two principals, Marcia Kaplan and Steve Kelley, as well as two of its most experienced K-12 educators-John Kerr, former Deputy superintendent of Colorado Springs School District 11, and Sandra Patton, former Executive Director of Educational Media and Technology of Colorado Springs School District 11.

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