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Proprietary E-rate database unveiled at Superintendent's Conference

July 19, 2006 --

MASHPEE, MA - TECedge unveiled its proprietary E-rate database, The E-rate Profiler, at the 2006 Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents (M.A.S.S.) Executive Institute to considerable excitement.  TECedge, an education technology consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, works exclusively with educational organizations nationwide-K-12, higher education, and public libraries-to implement cost-effective technology solutions to support and enhance learning.

TECedge staff, who have helped districts and libraries receive over $75 million in E-rate savings, developed this exclusive database to pinpoint districts that get less than they should from the E-rate program. According to TECedge's co-founder Steve Kelley, who has worked with E-rate since its inception, "we were concerned that E-rate's Byzantine rules were preventing districts from receiving their fair share of E-rate funds. Many districts do not realize that every public school is eligible unless it has an endowment of more than 50 million dollars! With over 71 pages of rules governing the E-rate program, it's understandable why districts are not maximizing their E-rate savings!"

Superintendents visited the TECedge booth eager to see their district's E-rate profile analysis. For districts not taking full advantage of their potential E-rate savings, TECedge recommended its E-rate Checkup that can help districts make the most of the E-rate program. TECedge also announced its money-back guarantee for its E-rate Checkup. Between now and September 30, 2006, if TECedge cannot show you how the E-rate Checkup can pay for itself in E-Rate savings, TECedge will refund the difference.

What is E-Rate?

The Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund, commonly referred to as E-rate, gives out $2.25 billion annually for specific technology services. Some schools can save up to 90% on eligible telecommunication, Internet access, and internal connections services, and most can save at least 40%.

TECedge specializes in technology planning for schools that includes finding and obtaining E-Rate funding.  For more information about the E-rate program, visit the official E-rate website.

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