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Kick-off of Network and Staff Assessment for Connecticut Community Colleges

July 18, 2006 --

HARTFORD, CT - TECedge, along with its partner Elert & Associates, began work on a project to assess the network infrastructure and staffing for the Connecticut Community Colleges (CCC).  TECedge, an education technology consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, works exclusively with educational organizations nationwide-K-12, higher education, and public libraries-to implement cost-effective technology solutions to support and enhance learning. The Connecticut Community College system, headquartered in Hartford, consists of twelve colleges with eighteen locations throughout the state.

Initially the team will review and make recommended updates to existing IT policies, standards, and procedures.  Then TECedge staff will assess the network and examine network staffing and support at the nineteen campuses. Elert & Associates staff will test 5% of the wiring to the classrooms and offices (horizontal cable) and 20% of the fiber cable connecting one building or wiring closet to another at all sites.  Finally, the team will evaluate compliance with the updated CCC policies and standards at all locations, identify discrepancies, and recommend changes in practice to ensure conformance.  The report will also provide network staffing recommendations.

A separate five year contract was awarded to the team to:

  • assist in identifying academic information technology such as "smart classrooms", expansion of campus wireless networks, and expansion of automated building systems technology
  • provide follow-up network assessments on a periodic basis
  • consult to individual colleges or system office to assist in the development and implementation of IT plans
  • provide on-call information technology consulting services


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