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Medford Schools Celebrate Network Upgrade!

Overhaul will not cost district a dime

June 24, 2006 --   click here for a PDF of this article

MEDFORD, MA - When Medford students and teachers go back to school in the fall, they will have a nice surprise. In 2005, teachers, students, and administrators in Medford Public Schools were stymied by a frustratingly slow connection to the Internet and an unreliable network that barely linked its nine schools. Superintendent Roy E. Belson knew the system needed a comprehensive upgrade, but like most public schools, Medford struggled with tight budgets. Where would the money come from?

"TECedge uncovered savings in
E-rate that more than paid for
our new high-speed network."

       - Roy E. Belson, Superintendent,
          Medford Public Schools

Roy Belson

This year Medford Public Schools will enjoy the speed, reliability and potential for growth offered by a brand new, high-speed fiber-based network provided by the Merrimack Education Center (MEC). And the dramatic upgrade won't cost Medford taxpayers a dime.

The TECedge E-Rate Checkup identified specific dollar amounts for expenditures and reimbursements for which the district had not previously applied. The Checkup also examined the status of each school's free lunch program to make sure every student who was eligible was counted.

"About 70% of school districts in
Massachusetts are not getting the
E-Rate funding they should"

     - Stephen Kelley,
        Principal, TECedge

All told, the E-Rate Checkup uncovered a total of $30,000 in savings. In addition to the design of the new high-speed fiber-optic network and E-rate help, TECedge facilitated selection of a new student information system and mentored technical staff.

Belson is delighted. "TECedge uncovered savings in E-rate that more than paid for our new high-speed network. Their commitment to quality service coupled with their technical expertise, professionalism, and experience in K-12 education is unsurpassed."

TECedge specializes in technology planning for schools that includes finding and obtaining E-Rate funding.

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