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Data Analytics and Assessments

  • Are you having trouble meeting NCLB in all schools for all population group?
  • Do you experience barriers in using data to improve student learning?
  • Is your district's data difficult to understand, use and manage?
  • Are you having problems bringing data together from multiple systems?

If you answered "Yes" or are unsure, ask TECedge to help you:

  • foster district-wide culture of using data to enhance professional practice and improve student learning
  • apply methods such as the cycle of inquiry and root cause analysis to inform curricular, instructional, and managerial decisions
  • plan and implement an educationally focused data warehouse  
  • use data analysis and decision support to meet NCLB and AYP requirements
  • integrate data from multiple systems

Call today 617-276-6478 or email info@tecedge.net for more information on TECedge's Data Informed Leadership Services!

Empower Educational Decision making!

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