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Technology Assessment and Planning

TECedge's planning and evaluation services guide district leadership through a structured process for developing and implementing strategic and tactical plans and assessing the results. TECedge team members work with your staff to develop a strategic plan that identifies WHAT should be done, a tactical plan that describes HOW to get things done, and an evaluation plan to determine if you received the RESULTS you wanted and any changes necessary for the future.

TECedge provides the following planning and evaluation services:

We will use your District’s continuous improvement process (Baldrige, Collins, Deming, Sterling, etc.) for achieving “greatness” or use our own.

Massachusetts schools and libraries can obtain these services through the state's pre-qualified vendor list (ITS53ProjServTS).

Call today 617-276-6478 or email info@tecedge.net for more information on TECedge's Strategic Planning Services!

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