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Network Security Assessment

  • We are afraid that someone might hack into our system and access sensitive data
  • What can be done to make wired and wireless networks more secure?

Our Network Security Assessment Services assess the reliability and capacity of your existing network infrastructure, including school networks, district networks, and Internet service.

TECedge has the skills and specialized hardware and software needed to analyze security on complex K-12 and higher education wired and wireless networks.   We identify security vulnerabilities using a combination of active network scanning and passive network observation. We can:

  • Probe your network from the Internet to see how well your firewall protects from external attacks.
  • Probe your servers from within your network to identify potential damage hostile students or staff might inflict.
  • Monitor signatures of spyware/Trojan/malware protocols and their local IP source.
  • Identify tunneling protocols (VPNs, SOCKS, etc.) and computer addresses that might be bypassing network security.
  • Identify peer-to-peer file sharing and instant messenger protocols and their computer addresses that might be slowing your network.

We will identify the vulnerabilities in your network (including servers, switches, routers, and wireless access points), the degree of risk, and recommend steps to take to eliminate or mitigate the risks.

While we are conducting the network security assessment, we can also perform a network performance assessment to give you a comprehensive picture of your current network and what is needed to make it responsive and secure.

Massachusetts schools and libraries can obtain these services through the state's pre-qualified vendor list (ITS53ProjServTS).

Call today 617-276-6478 or email info@tecedge.net for more information on TECedge's Network Security Assessment Services!

Identify and Close the Holes in Your Network Security!

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