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Network Performance Assessment

  • Is your network slow and unreliable, causing poor response in the classroom and inefficiencies in school operations?
  • Are you sure you need that network upgrade even though the network is slow?

Our Network Performance Assessment Services assess the reliability and capacity of your existing network infrastructure, including local- and wide-area networks, Wi-Fi, and Internet service.

TECedge has the skills and specialized hardware and software needed to analyze complex K-12 and higher education networks.  We will monitor performance and errors of all switches, routers, and wireless access points at all sites for a one-week period. This allows us to:

  • Identify links that are operating at or near capacity.
  • Identify ports with wiring problems that are causing errors to individual computers.
  • Identify congestion between switches that creates bottlenecks.
  • Graph utilization and errors on WAN links to identify problem links.
  • Graph utilization of virtual LANs to identify LAN performance problems.

We will not only identify problem areas, but will present practical and cost effective recommendations to improve performance and reliability.

While we are conducting the network performance assessment, we can also perform a network security assessment to give you a comprehensive picture of your current network and what is needed to make it responsive and secure.

Massachusetts schools and libraries can obtain these services through the state's pre-qualified vendor list (ITS53ProjServTS).

Call today 617-276-6478 or email info@tecedge.net for more information on TECedge's Network Assessment Services!

Identify and Eliminate Bottlenecks and Errors that Reduce Network Performance!

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