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Category 2 Funding Estimator

The Category 2 Estimator calculates the overall internal connections budget for a district and shows how much is left for future years on a school by school basis. The tool now subtracts last year's (2015-2016) approved Category 2 projects as well as the Category 2 funds applied for in (2016-2017). It shows how much is still available for the next three years on a school by school basis. This Category 2 Funding Estimator tool was developed in partnership with the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for Massachusetts districts.

Select the district you are interested in through the "Organization" drop-down, which now also works on cell phones and tablets. Click Excel Document Category_2_Fund_Estimator-2017.xlsx to download your own version of the spreadsheet.

For more information, click here.

The web version of the Category 2 Funding Estimator tool is temporarily unavailable. For now, download the spreadsheet instead. When you run the Excel document, if it asks you if you want to update links, click "Don't Update."

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